Perspectives from industry leaders

Australian Content: What's the value?

As the bedrock of advertising and consumer revenues, content cannot be taken for granted. Even while the internet turns every consumer into a producer – expanding the content universe beyond what is knowable – popular professional content that crosses platforms, aggregates viewers, prompts recommendation and lights up social media becomes increasingly valuable.

But what is that value, specifically? Rising costs of securing and producing Australian content have put that question in the spotlight, forming part of the numerous regulatory reviews in the last twelve months including The Copyright Act Review, The Finkelstein Inquiry, The Anti-Siphoning List Review and of course, the over-arching and highly important Convergence Review.

Should Australian content be protected? Incentivised? On which platforms? Does market intervention stop us from competing globally by reducing the cool winds of commercial imperative or help us by recognising we are a small market whose local stories would not be told if they were not supported?

In the following section, nine industry leaders – practitioners, government advisors and industry representatives – share with us their views on Australian content and its future.