Con and Niki Mitropoulos
Coniki TV

Con and Niki Mitropoulos are Australian YouTube stars with a largely international audience. Their fitness and healthy living videos have received over 2.5 million views. In the next twelve months Con and Niki intend to give up their day jobs as professional trainers and focus on their YouTube video business full-time.

You can earn a very handsome income. It’s just
like any other business – it’s how much you’re
committed to putting into that business. If you
produce great content and you are regular with
the content and you have an audience that is
growing – which ours is – then you can definitely
turn it into a full-time business.
Niki Mitropoulos

I see us getting into markets and countries that we
haven’t hit yet. We see the long term future enabling
us to grow at a massive rate. It will be a different
type of celebrity – an online celebrity – delivering
great content every day; from ordinary people
doing extraordinary things.
Con Mitropoulos

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