Luke Domrow – PwC, Sydney
Carol Sweeney – PwC, Sydney
Rod Dring – PwC, Sydney

Market Definition:

The newspaper publishing market consists of spending on daily print newspapers by advertisers and readers and advertising on newspaper websites and mobile sites. Spending by readers includes newsstand purchases and subscriptions as well as payments for newspapers delivered to mobile devices and fees to access online content. Sunday editions of daily papers are included as is advertising in free newspapers.


  • Advertising revenues (print and digital combined) are expected to decrease at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1 percent over the forecast period 2012-16.
  • Circulation revenues (print and digital combined) are expected to decrease by 7.6 percent on average annually over the forecast period 2012-16.
  • Newspaper companies are in the midst of change, at a rate not seen before. They can no longer look at print and digital in isolation. Instead, they are increasingly becoming multimedia organisations delivering news, information and video across multiple platforms to grow audiences.
  • Accurate measurement of digital engagement is becoming increasingly important but as yet there is no universally accepted system in Australia.

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